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Default: YogaBrain Episode 4

What does the brain do at rest? In this episode of YogaBrain, we talk to Dr. Marcus Raichle about the surprisingly organized and highly active resting brain, and Tristan Boyer-Binns about the importance of rest (and mind wandering) in the yoga practice.


The default mode network

Observed here using fMRI brain imaging, the default mode network is a set of brain regions, active at rest or when not 'on task', that comprise baseline brain activity.




Tristan Boyer-Binns is a Certified Iyengar Instructor and enjoys helping students find new ways to see their challenges, embrace the incredible strength we all have–physical and emotional–and learn to relax and release into softness. She is an expert on ropes yoga, and recently published an amazing book on the topic ( Find Tristan on Instagram: @tristanofyoga

Dr. Marcus Raichle is a neurologist and Professor at Washington University in St Louis. He and his colleagues have made outstanding contributions to the study of human brain function through brain imaging.


Beautiful Music: [Giant: The Grand Affair][Keys to the Apocalypse: Unicorn Heads]

Cover Image: fMRI image of the DMN by John Graner, wikipedia.

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