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Movement: YogaBrain Episode I

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Unveiling the first episode of YogaBrain! Yoga rain focuses on the role of that organ between your ears in practice. Episode I probes how the brain learns, drives, and refines movement. Below the podcast you'll find info on relevant brain regions, this week's lovely guests --Scott Grafton and Meghan Gaucher-- and the practice poses. Enjoy and please let me know what you think!


Many brain regions are involved in movement, the ones discussed are in large letters below. We focus on the motor cortex, which drives voluntary movement and communicates with muscles through the spinal cord. Scott also discusses the basal ganglia and cerebellum, brain regions that have many roles, including judging your movements and refining them. The prefrontal cortex is the 'CEO' of the brain and can, for example, set specific movement goals (hey babe, let's try warrior 3 on skis!)


Podcast practice includes (left to right) cow, cat, and child's pose.


Podcast guest images for yoga podcast
Podcast guests: Prof. Scott Grafton and Meghan Gaucher

Professor Scott Grafton is interested in how people organize movement into goal-oriented action. To this end he uses brain imaging techniques and works with patients to understand the brain architecture that underlies motor skill acquisition. He has a book coming out soon (Physical Intelligence) that explains how the brain and mind interact with the world as we move. Stayed tuned for updates on publication!

Meghan Gaucher is the Community Marketing Coordinator for Athleta, Boston, and founder of Sweet Squeeze Events, a public relations and event management company for wellness businesses and fitness professionals. She teaches at Health Yoga Life (Kendall Square and BeaconHill) and through Club High Rise. Find her classes at She also founded Humble Spaces, which brings free, accessible yoga to community spaces around Boston. Meghan shares her latest free community classes, yoga schedule, and ideas on yoga and wellness on Instagram @megmovesyoga.


Beautiful Cover Photo: Ahmad Odeh on Unsplash

Beautiful Music: [Giant: The Grand Affair] [A Quiet Thought: Wayne Jones]

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